“No ma’am, that’s not a Herreschoff.”

A couple of Saturdays ago, I decided to take a break from boatbuilding and took Wee Lass down to the local boat club for a sail.  Along the way, a lady pulled up alongside me and asked “Is that a Herreschoff?”  I replied, no ma’am, that’s a homebuilt.

The Herreschoffs (father and son) are viewed by most as some of the pre-eminent boat designers.  They designed large yachts as well as small sailing craft such as I prefer.  (I don’t have anything against large yachts, I just can’t afford them.)  One design, the Herreschoff 12.5, was designed in 1914 and is still being produced today, albeit in frozen snot (fiberglass) rather than wood.  Still, it’s a timeless classic, and sailing a 12.5 is on my bucket list.  Another design, the Coquina, is not being commercially produced to my knowledge, but plans are being sold under license and the boat is being built by dedicated amateurs.  Surf the internet, it’s another very pretty small craft.

So no, Wee Lass doesn’t have a Herreschoff pedigree, but I appreciate the compliment.  High praise, indeed.

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