Tammie Norrie gets some paint…

This past weekend I was able to spend some of both days working on Tammie Norrie, so I was able to get a bit accomplished.  The first coat of primer had been put on the previous weekend, so I was sure it had cured.  I sanded it down with 120 grit sandpaper on a block.  This was much easier than sanding epoxy; in a few hours the chore was done.  The result of sanding was a somewhat mottled appearance, which looked kind of interesting in it’s own right, but wasn’t quite the look I was going for on this boat.

2017 03 18 After sanding first coat of primer
2017 03 18 first coat of primer sanded, view from transom

The hull was vacuumed, and as you can see from the photos, a good portion of the first coat of primer wound up in the shop vac.  Then after wiping down the hull with a tack cloth, the second coat of primer was put on the same day. Between both coats, I used the better part of a quart of primer on the hull.  By mid-morning Sunday, I was confident the second coat had cured, and this time used a 3M pad rather that sandpaper to sand down the hull.  This process went quickly, and didn’t remove as much of the primer as I had done with the sanding block.

2017 03 18 second coat of primer

Finally I was able to put on the first coat of paint.  On this boat, I decided that it will not be pure white.  A white hull looks good on Wee Lass, but this boat would have a little color.  I chose a sand color which should match the sail well.  The paint I used is Pettit EZPoxy, which thankfully is not a true two-part epoxy.  The recommended procedure is to roll and tip, using a combination roller and brush, but I chose to use a brush only and was pleased with the results.  One coat down, another to go.

2017 03 19 first coat of paint

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