Mast Partner and Stemhead

It’s been a while since I’ve made any progress, so I guess I better get back to it.  The mast partner and mast step come next.  To secure the mast partner to the hull, I made two cleats from cherry.  These will be epoxied to the under side of the inwales.

2018 05 07 Cleat for the mast partner

Since they’re attached to the underside of the inwales, I made limber holes so that water wouldn’t collect in the space between the inwale and the sheer.  The shape of the cleats mimics those used to secure the thwarts.

2018 05 07 Cleat and mast partner clamped in place.

The mast partner is also made of cherry, and hung under the cleats.  I had considered mounting the partner on top of the cleats, but that would make the top of the partner almost flush with the sheer, and I didn’t like that look.

2018 05 28 Mast partner.

Bronze carriage bolts are used to hang the mast partner.  Dad’s drill press was used to drill the hole for the mast; it will be leathered after the partner is varnished.  I’ve also drilled the holes for four belaying pins.  Belaying pins don’t seem to be used on modern sailboats, but I’ve got them on Wee Lass and found them very useful for keeping docklines and the anchor rode coiled and out of the way.

2018 05 27 Mast step.

The mast step is made from a block of ash and screwed to the keelson.  A dado is cut fore and aft along the bottom to allow drainage.  Tradition says that a gold coin should be placed under the mast; I’ll deviate a little and place the coin alongside the mast.

2018 05 27 Stemhead in the rough,

I’ve delayed shaping the stemhead; it’s time to do that now.  First I made a pattern that looked pleasing and laid it out on the stemhead.

2018 05 27 Saw kerfs made to remove waste.

The stem was cut off to the correct height, and a series of saw cuts made to help remove the excess.  A combination of chisel and saw was used to cut the rough shape, followed by rasps and sandpaper.

2018 05 27 Steam head shaped.

A little more sanding and fairing and the stemhead will be ready for paint.

3 thoughts on “Mast Partner and Stemhead”

  1. are you telling us there will be no scant maiden for the Stemhead ?,,,, I guess the better half had an influence on that idea ?


      1. Maybe Amazon would have something you could order…. special,,,, OR, I would bet one could find a Geezier (yeah I know, incorrect spelling, but on purpose) whom is talented in carving !

        Liked by 1 person

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