Some kind words from the designer, and farewell to Wee Lass

Earlier this week I sent an email to Iain Oughtred, along with some photos of the nearly-complete Tammie Norrie.  He sent me a nice reply:

“Dear Al,

This is a fine example of the type – a beautiful boat.  Well done.  Thankyou for the photos.  Now you can have some fun for a change.  I’ll have a look at your blog – soon as i have a bit of time.
   –  Iain O”
When the designer says “well done”, I consider that to be high praise!!
The late John Gardner was a boat builder, a small craft historian, an author, and somewhat of a philosopher.  In one of his books he writes “The creation of beauty is more joyous and satisfying than mere possession.”  Having built four boats now, I not only whole-heartedly agree, but I also used the quote at the beginning of the blog.
What John Gardner did not tell us was how hard it is to get rid of a boat that you’ve created.  Wee Lass has been a good little boat, and she deserved an honorable end.  My first thought was to give her a Viking funeral, but the local constabularies might have some serious heartburn with that idea.  The boat leaks so much that selling her to someone would be irresponsible, yet she deserved better than the chain saw.
Yesterday Wee Lass found a new home.  The manager of a local seafood resturant ageed to take her; soon she’ll be hanging in the resturant, enjoying the admiring glances of the diners.  It’s a safe bet that my wife and I will be dining there from time to time.
2018 10 06 The last road trip for Wee Lass
Sunday we put Tammie Norrie on the trailer, which immediately showed us that we need to make some adjustments to the trailer for the boat to ride properly.  The bunks sit too high, so the keel is not supported.  And of course the lights need to be replaced.

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