I finally got done to the point, and the weather finally cooperated, where it was time to see if the boat that I’d been working on would float, or if she would be a trailer queen.  I had built the lofting table on February 15, 2015, and Tammie Norrie was splashed on October 27, 2018, so it was a long build.  I invited some family out to the boat club, and the weather, for a change, turned out beautiful.

We choose Mom to commission the boat, but first she had to drink some of the Pusser’s rum used for the commissioning.  My wife is at the transom getting ready to unveil the name on the transom.  Yes, I know it’s tradition to sprinkle some of the liquor into the water to appease Neptune, but most of us in the crowd aren’t as sure-footed as we used to be, and I was concerned about someone getting wet!

Sandra Catherine and her namesake.

With Sandra Catherine suitably christened, it was time to put her in the water.  The water was glass-smooth, so the first trip would be under oars.

She floats!!!

For the first trip, I took the boat out solo.  No point in running the risk of sinking the crew!  She seemed to handle well under oars.

A nice view of that wineglass transom, and the small amount of tumblehome.

The paddle-wheel Colonel in the distance.  The paddle-wheel is more for decoration than for propulsion, but it’s still a neat boat.

Later I took Jill out for a row.  Sandra Catherine handles well from the forward thwart also.  We should have brought Jill a parasol for the complete ambience.

By afternoon a slight breeze had picked up, so we brought the boat in and rigged it for sail.

There wasn’t a lot of wind, but Sandra Catherine ghosted along nicely.

I’ve still got some work to do.  For starters, I need to take the boat to the local constabulary and get a HIN number assigned to it.  I found out that the tiller wants to be about 6″ shorter (that’s an easier fix than stretching it), and the rudder really needs an uphaul.  The boat also needs some floatation bags installed.  But she’s been in the water before cold weather arrived, so all’s good.

Fair winds and following seas….


2 thoughts on “Splash!”

  1. Congratulations Al!! I can only imagine the emotions you must have felt, and especially the culmination of several years of work! She’s beautiful, looks good both under oar and under sail. Thanks for the inspiration, enjoy the fruit of your labor!



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