Just a few notes about myself.  I’m an amateur boat builder (VERY much amateur!), but I come by the hobby honestly.  My great grandfather was a boat builder, as was my great uncle.  My father built a beautiful wood-strip canoe and several kayaks.  And my brother built a 1950s-era outboard runabout, and restored a 1963 Thompson runabout to showroom quality.  So I guess it’s only natural that I build a few boats.

I’m partial to sailboats as opposed to power boats.  Power boats are great when I’m on the job and need to get to the job site, but on my own time, I prefer sail.  I also consider myself a “Sunday morning sailor”.  I do not race!  I consider my sailboat to be my shrink’s couch, where I can relax for a bit.  I’m also partial to traditional-styled boats.  I appreciate the modern designs to some extent, but the classics really catch my eye.

I hope you enjoy the blog.  I’m neither a professional boat builder nor a bona-fide wordsmith, but that’s okay, I learned a long time ago not to take myself too seriously.


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